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Colour me stoopid

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While I really like my Kai (LatiRed) I have had issues with his posibility.

Sporting ridiculously long legsnd, double jointed he's beautifully crafted (and sculpted), but I'd been very peeved about the fact that his torso appeared to be two pieces yet was totally rigid...which made posing him in the seated position very difficult..if not impossible.

Now I'd been toying with trading him with another doll owner for her MSD Souldoll Amy, but had hesitated. I tend to go on my instincts and am glad now that I didn't initiate the trade because I learnend something important about my doll when visiting Irondog today.

While she was showing me the torso joint of her SD boy I got to thinking a bit more about the way my guy was engineered and what appeared to be an immovable joint (which made no sense). So I started by pulling slightly at the waist...nothing. I then proceeded to pull more firmly hoping it was just a matter of him being tightly strung and pop what should I find? That really is a joint which allows him to slouch forward into a sitting posture!

I have BONDED with my boy!

I can put up with a lot but I will not abide a doll that has to lean against another object in order to strike a seated post and I was thrilled to learn that he can sit on his own!

While I feel a bit foolish for not having forced the issue before this, I also have to say that there are few images of him online seated without clothes on so that I can see exactly how this joint operates and these guys don't come with instruction manuals....and when you start dealing with these more expenisive resins you get nervous forcing ANYthing in case you break something.

Anyway ~ Kai is now officially in my good books and will get his body blushing ~ something I'd held off on when still undecided on his sticking around.

In other news ~ found the cat eyes that will go into the CP Lishe neko girl =^..^= *purrs*
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