I was reminded....

I was reminded....

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...when visiting Irondog yesterday, about this set of photos I took in June and forgot to *unlock* from private in my journal, as I was going to post them with commentary when I was in Vancouver.

Both she and Lilly had commented a week ago that they didn't know Willow's wig was two tone blonde, and when Irondog saw her brother Kulta yesterday, she made a similar comment ~ basically how the colour doesn't come across in photographs.

It reminded me about this set that I did, and how much it showed the wonderful wig of Willow's off, not to mention everything else. The light was early morning, before 8 a.m. and very soft, illuminating her light resin without washing it out.

Anyway....here are my favourite pictures of my little neko. :)

  • Those pics of Willow are gorgeous. I can see why you love them. The light is just perfect and the camera finally captures the beauty of the wig.
    • *nods*....recall that serendipity we were speaking of when it comes to doll photos and how happy accidents are the best piccies?

      Yeah...and I got more than one which is such a bonus.

      *light skinned dolls will be the death of my photographic patience*
  • Pretty kitty^_^
  • Nice pictures! I really like the two-toned hair. Funny how it never came out in your pictures before... :)
  • *gasp*

    Wow.... she's absolutely stunning in those photos. The light is gorgeous, Willow is gorgeous, her wig is breathtaking and very distinct, her expression is so gentle and the flowers all around her are amazing as well as being quite complimentary to her.

    I think I'll just go look at the photos some more. I wish I could take pictures like that. Poor Rowan seems to be forming a strong case of agoraphobia. *sigh* Not to mention my camera isn't nearly good enough.
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