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August 20th, 2009


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I just realized that I've been away from IJ for almost a MONTH!

Let that be a lesson to you children. Second Life is CRACK like no other if you *get* it. You start to live for you next hit and all other things just fall off the radar.

...wow. Seems I misplaced a summer. @_@

It's not that I fell off the internet....

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Rather I fell into SL and got stuck (a.k.a became addicted)

I knew I would as soon as I started down that road....because it scratches too many itches not to grab my attention and hold it tight.

I could blame Xan or Sildil but that wouldn't be fair. If I wasn't curious I wouldn't have stepped over to the other side for a look and if I didn't personally find things there to entertain me I wouldn't have stayed.

Now it's not like I was letting domestic duties slide. That was all taken care of as even the Bman observed. In FACT ....getting my chores done was an imperative since SL is the best carrot invented by geekdom!

Of course the real time suck this summer was supposed to be the outside paint work but the weather pretty well put the kibosh on that plan. Endless rain. I'm not complaining about the weeks (months) of extended spring we had but it certainly was ruining any plans for painting woodwork, etc. I need a good week of sun just for it all to dry out now BEFORE I apply paint and that is not happening as the humidity has taken hold. It might be a September job if we get an delayed dry spell...

That said ~ since I couldn't do the outside work....I had time to f**k around in SL.

I'll talk about what the attraction is later and my observations about inworld, but the single thing that has kept me there is:

.... is the way it calms my evening anxiety attacks. I did NOT see that coming *0__0!! That is WORTH the time spent pushing pixels around and then some.

If I can learn to manage my time better as the school year kicks in and achieve a balance between it and other hobbies (dolls/journaling) then I can justify the continued play online....but it's crack, there is no question about that.

I've just started my 2 1/2 week stint of farm sitting so we'll see how going *cold turkey* from this particular addiction is going to wear on me ;)

July 24th, 2009

googly guys....

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Well I'll be damned.

The new google bars (or whatever you call the image at the top of your google browser with pretty pictures) has added comics and....in all of that is a bunch of shoneni...or at least the kind that nod nod wink wink is written for fangirls.

MY MY how teh world has changed.


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So now that I've made my garbage un-palatable....they have decided to move their banquet to my garden and are decimating my zucchini patch.

Not enough to tear chunks off the harvestable courgettes, but they are eating the BLOSSOMS off the plant before they can even set fruit.


I am now stringing up baggies of mothballs IN the centre of each zucchini plant...see if that doesn't put them off their feed >P


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Okay ~ going to strike while the iron is hot...so to speak and squeeze another brain-fart out.

My Bambicrony Yo-SD sized doll, Kumi arrived on Monday without any ransom demands from customs.

*go me*

It was at this point that I realized that I really need to stay away from doll sites because my addictive nature is in full swing.

Why him? He was being retired and I'd always admired the sculpt and I had the money to get him (and his little wings and glass eyes) sans face-up, hair, clothes, shoes....so that was that.

I am (don't laugh) waiting on two others...*throws up hands*...don't say it! I KNOW! I know I've got enough. I think I've covered the bases in every size from regular SD to tiny and I'm quite content with the variety I have now. Darn it, I love 'em all. I know that when Fairyland coughs up the cat-ears and paws for the size of doll I'm waiting on for deliver, that I'll be picking them up because that was the original plan when I ordered the little resin tike (elf ears and cat ears....wonder how that happens...must be when a cat and an elf breed maybe?)..but beyond that I'm seriously good.

ANYway...back to this guy. He will stay in his box after a scrub down and coating of MSC this week, until I finish the body jobs on my RS kids. Then I need to make him a wig and give him his face-up and re-do the puki brothers. BUT before ANY of that I have 10 dolls to scrub and spray and Kulta and Willow need to be wired and/or sueded.

My weekend with too much chance of rain which means no chance of outside painting while the family is away means I am clearing the kitchen table and getting at this long, stinky job. I'll have to change Ryu's hands too..

*cringes at the nightmare that's going to be because she's strung so tightly and when I did Tuuli's I sliced my finger*

I have no lack of things to do between domestic moments and on top of all that....Xan has hooked me but good into SL. More on THAT....in another post.

*head desk*

I have also noticed that the resolution of the images that are hosted on Photobucket is dropping. Fair enough...that stuffs' hosted for free. I now have my FTP back and my own webhost and will go back to dealing with the boring upload without the bling over there. *shrugs*

Here be dragon....

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Ariss asked me what I meant by a garden dragon when I said I was painting the steel parts on it....and I wasn't sure if I've ever introduced the 300 pound critter who lives under my livingroom window.

Here is Jasper ~ in all his glory, with newly rust protected steel bits.

We bought him as a wedding anniversary gift to each other a number of years back and his sweet mug has been our house guardian ever since. When visitors ask directions to my house I usually mention that it's the one with the stone dragon out front....

...when they arrive they understand it's no ordinary garden statuary I speak of ;)

Funny thing about jasper (named such because he's made of rock composite)....my mother has about a dozen names for him, including Lucy...but refuses to acknowledge his real name, insisting that it doesn't suit him. *sigh*

It's Friday again?

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You blink and a week goes by....YIKES!

I wandered in here daily when I seemed to have enough mental bandwidth to cobble together a few thoughts and get called away before I could actually write anything beyond a sentance...

I'd last left off with the following:

Here we sit at the midweek point and I'm trying to recall what I did on the weekend and the realized it was all rather about forced socializing.

You know...the kind you do because you have to and not because it was anything you dreamed up yourself. *heh*

On the Saturday we attended a BBQ


Okay so now to finish that thought.

We attended a BBQ of friends of the Bob's. He's coached their daughter for years & has come to enjoy the company of her father while my middling child is very close with the girl ~ so we finally made the time to take up an invitation from them for a 6 hour tete-a-tete by the barbie and it when all very well...except for that fact that half the time I felt I was out-squirreled by the hostess who is waaaay more random conversation-wise that moi. Let's just say that I was exhausted from the verbal pingpong and shoveling food in my piehole.

The next morning we had to attend ...no wait...I had to PARTICIPATE in my neice's baptism. I had been chosen as Godmother to the new baby, and while my sister-in-law knows full well that I am perhaps the least religious of her hubbers' family, she still chose to honor me with the role if I was willing to accept it. I couldn't say no to my favorite sis-in-law...and the right to call Elizabeth ~ LIZZY!, and so it goes. Pira in church on Sunday ...in a dress...saying prayers as my brother-in-law strained to keep a straight face while nudging me with his foot every time I had to say amen and/or cross myself or agree to something the priest said.

I just hoped I wouldn't have to dodge any lightening bolts.

That was followed by hours of socializing and eating...because I hadn't had enough of that 12 hours earlier....

And because I hadn't talked enough I probably clocked a few hours in there somewhere talking at Xan while playing with my nekogirl (points at image) in SL and learning some more ropes along the way.

More about that later.

July 17th, 2009

Riddle me this

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I have another doll (different size, maker, etc) incoming and I casually clicked on the tracking number this evening to discover that it went into and out of Canada Customs... in one minute.

WHAT does that mean...besides the fact that I will be waiting around for the mailman Monday morning?

*keeps fingers crossed that it means no customs charges*

MO dolls

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Waaaay back in April, a doll company named Felixdoll, started a promotion for their 11cm tall bjds. Basically at a third of the cost of a regular one, you could get three for the cost of one, with additional promotion items thrown in, such as extra heads, wigs, clothing, hand-sets etc to sweeten the pot.

These little dolls are similar to the Fairyland Puki and those that owned them love the little things to bits, saying that they are equal in almost every way to Puki in the ways they count the most ~ the production quality and posing ability of the doll itself.

Personally I think this crazy promotion is to get the product into the hands of puki lovers and snag the attention of those who were just not going to cough up the money for a tiny at Puki prices (which these guys are at normal prices). They just don't have Fairlyland clout and exposure. They will now.

Anyway...so what's a girl to do when faced with so many sweet little brownies for a decent price? Buy a few naturally.

Yes yes....I am utterly pathetic and made of total fail. Tell me something that I don't know. ;)

As the months rolled along they kept extending the *sale* and adding new versions to it and changing the promo items to the point that I really had NO idea what was going to be coming home to me when all was said and done.

Much to my surprise, my Trio of Trouble arrived this morning from the dealer, Ajumapamausa, in the US. I'd elected to have them shipped out non-EMS so I really wasn't expecting them until next week, so WOOT!

Now forgive the babble for a moment as I try to explain what arrived:

I'd ordered Adele and Momo (names of face-up/sets) on April 17th and then added Angel (another set) to the mix on April 27th ~ Karen kindly agreeing to combine the shipments so seriously who knew with the surge in popularity due to the extension of the sale when mine would roll in.

The reason I chose Momo was that I'd always been fond of that particular sculpt (that goes by that name) and this set came with an extra head (Nene) and I chose Adele because it was different from Momo yet also had elf ears, & came with a sleeping elf head. I picked up Angel as an after thought as I wanted a handset ...or so the logic goes. Cue the additional promos ....chaos ensues....so what kind of Brownie Hash did I end up with when I opened my box?

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July 15th, 2009

So much for the bar of soap.....

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Read THIS online and had to laugh because I really do feel better when stubbing a toe if I let loose a blue streak.

Cursing can help cut pain
Last Updated: Monday, July 13, 2009 | 3:40 PM ET
CBC News

Swearing when you hit your thumb or stub a toe may help to lessen the pain.

In the Aug. 5 issue of the journal NeuroReport, British researchers report that they found some volunteers were better able to withstand the pain from plunging their hand in a tub of ice water for as long as possible when they are asked to repeat a swear word of their choice compared with an inoffensive word.

Since swearing often has a "catastrophizing" or exaggerating effect, psychology researcher Richard Stephens of Keele University, North Midlands, and his colleagues expected the bad words would actually decrease pain tolerance.

"Swearing has been around for centuries and is an almost universal human linguistic phenomenon," Richards said in a release.

"It taps into emotional brain centres and appears to arise in the right brain, whereas most language production occurs in the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain. Our research shows one potential reason why swearing developed and why it persists."

In contrast to their expectations, volunteers were able to keep their hands in the ice water for longer when repeating the swear word, showing a link between swearing and an increase in pain tolerance.

During the foul-mouthed test, volunteers kept their hands submerged for about 40 seconds longer and reported feeling less anxiety and less fear of the pain, the researchers found.
Fight-or-flight response?

The researchers suspect swearing helped to distract participants from their pain.

Cursers showed increased heart rates, which suggest the profanities might trigger a natural "fight-or-flight" response of donwnplaying "feebleness in favour of a more pain-tolerant machismo," the researchers said.

Previous studies suggest swearing can provide an emotional release, while in other situations it can signal aggression.

The results show swearing triggers both a physical and an emotional response, which could help explain why cursing developed and still exists.

In the study, women's heart rates increased more than men's.

Swearing also did not increase pain tolerance in men with a tendency to catastrophize, the researchers said.

"The observed pain-lessening [hypoalgesic] effect may occur because swearing induces a fight-or-flight response and nullifies the link between fear of pain and pain perception," they concluded.

July 14th, 2009

The Cat's pajamas....or something like that

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Last night I played in SL (second life) and bought character a skin ~ meaning while I can change the human shape of my avatar to suit, I coughed-up coin to wrap her body in snow leopard markings with an animated tail and ears.

I am most please with my girl ~ she is smexy =^..^=

Today the only noteworthy things I did was I trim the backyard grass with clippers, weed the back section of the rock garden, move furniture around the sprogs room now that the girls' vanity is out of there... and play around a bit with Kulta here (who is wearing a new outfit I picked up for him when in Vancouver). I also went to the gym and finished off volume 9 of Kurosagi Corpse Deliver Service while on the bike.

...such a good read that. I know there are 11 volumes out in Japan but why isn't Dark Horse publishing another one this year? WHAAAAAH ~ I want more smart & funny horror manga!!

My box of needful things from Vancouver arrived and I've only just started to unpack those items I picked up at Daiso for house and dollies. I'd wondered why it was so heavy and discovered the answer on the bottom ~ along with the bubble gum machine, Xan had sent me her rice cooker which was too big for just her and hubby. *heh* At some point I'm bound to kill mine and it's good to have a back-up :)

Ariss, I'll haul it all out tomorrow to give you a better idea of what goodies I found at Daiso..

I've now made a list of the NEXT to-dos; Along with painting the front porch I need to paint the parging around the base of the house (that I can get at) paint the steel wings/fangs and claws on the 300 lb. stone dragon in my front garden, prep & re-paint a pair of stepping stools my grandfather made me and also take down and repaint the house numbers so they are once again visible from the street.

*looks at list and nods to self*

You know it feels good to be able to tackle the little piddly chores along with the bigger ones that NEED to be done. :)

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July 13th, 2009

A blast

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Awesome day that saw lots get done.

Dashed off for errands first thing in the morning and then did some chores around the house before my parents arrived.

We went out for lunch with the eldest spawnling ~ who has wisely decided that now is a good time to get to know her grandparents...while they are still able to have interesting conversations. I thought she did fairly well considering she was slightly hung over, which my father found highly amusing XD

ANYway ~ after a leisurely lunch my father proceeded to powerwash the front porch carpet (long story short about why we have indoor outdoor carpet....because some fool glued high gloss tiles to the cement and then rebuilt a wooden porch around it so there is great expense involved in removing said tiles that ice up in the winter and become a health hazard....but that's a future project)....AND he turned the blast on the wooden stairs that I needed to scrape down and prep for re-painting and did 99% of my work for me. WOOT!

Following that we took apart the old basketball hoop that had been shoved aside when my driveway was paved last year and made it difficult for me to garden. My sprocket sets and a Yankee screwdriver, coupled with his ability to disassemble anything = big old piece of crap-pain in the ass is now ready for me and the eldest to take to the dump. DOUBLE WOOT!

While my father and I were doing that, my mother was taking pictures of my dolls to send to her cousins in Finland and then pounced on the latest Tamora Pierce book I bought her. In fact she was asking about it right after arriving, saying Hello, great to see you....so you have the book? HAH! Such a kid. She got to read the latest fantasy thing and my father got to play with his tools...I think he's power washed everything there is to power wash on the farm right now XD

THEN we went to a buffet for dinner before they bolted for home.

The eldest said she had a BABY day. Sleep till noon. Eat. Sleep till 6. Eat. Go to bed for the night. HAH....except for the diapers that sounds about right.

As for myself...I'm going to retire with a scotch and plan my Tuesday in the garden before the next stretch of rain settles in and the jungle grows madder than ever. Washing those new doll clothes too seems in order and I also need to put the game SPORE on my son's pc or he's going to kill me when he gets home. It's his gift from my trip out west...and he is getting ansty to play it.

I do believe that I have volunteered myself to farm sit the last two weeks of August and am encouraging them to go on a drive-about in their Miata. They are 67/68 respectively and I want to make sure they take the time to enjoy getting out while they still have the ability to do it. :)

July 12th, 2009

Hope you guys had a good weekend!

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Ticked a few more things off the list today, including scraping and painting (with oil, ick) the shed (former garage) door and old fancy window frames.


Also went to the gym *yay* and then was on the horn with Xan's hubber as he walked me through configuring my firstever joystick and taught me the ups, downs and sideways of it.

*feels like a kid*

Tomorrow the parental units are here for the day ~ and hopefully they are bringing the power-washer so that I can deal with those things that need to be hydro-blasted... *yes I'm talking about you porch & deck*

For now though ....I think a scotch will taste just fine and then off to practice falling off buildings and materializing inside walls :P

July 11th, 2009

Popping cherries

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With the carnivores on the road again for another long weekend, the household vegepreferians are happily grazing on the bounty of the season without whinging from the rest of the family ~ much of it from the food co-operative I belong to that sells food stuffs produced and/or grown within 100 miles.

Easy for us to so, as we live in the best place in Canada for that kind of thing so I'm not beating any drums, rather just happily tucking into a bowl of cherries and enjoying them to the fullest.

Did I mention here that I spent 11 days in Vancouver trying to find locally grown strawberries at the height of the season and only on the last day there was I able to do so, and I had to go considerably out of my way to locate them? Considering Xan lives in the OTHER best food place in Canada, it was astounding that you can't source local berries when there should be a glut of them on the market. We'd been positively drowning in the things here in Ontario when I left to go visit her.

It reminded me of going to California, the place that Canada sources strawberries from mid-winter at a ridiculously low price (that's not going to happen for much longer) and I couldn't find any for a decent price let alone any that were not mostly WHITE! It's just so strange that unless you are banging on the farmstead door in a growing region, you can't get the product.

In my opinion local green grocers should stock locally grown produce when it's available...and luckily MOST of our stores (because we have so many independants) are happy to do exactly that.

*burp* Well those were good. :)

THEY are evil enablers...

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I'm speaking Xan and her partner in crime, The Hubby of Xan.

I was able to resist the temptations of SL (Second Life) for two years...even the tour she gave me while I was in Vancouver had me amused but not particularly needful of joining in ~ after all this is her world of dollys that she plays in.

Then her husband pulled out the big guns ~ his avatar got a new body and she's a scrumptious panda girl.



That sound of laughter is coming from the other side of the Rockies in case you were wondering.

...I justify my neko girl as a way to play with Xan in real time but at a distance. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Now if I could just learn to stop walking into walls....

July 10th, 2009


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FINALLY got to the gym after weeks of not and BOY did that feel GOOD!

I didn't die...so obviously I've been using some of my muscles.


I'm going to just drop moments from the trip as they pop into my flea brain so forgive the randomness.


So Xan and I were in a Costco, picking up some things she needed and are standing in the check-out, the cashier running items through as a 2nd man packs the purchases into a box.

Packer stares at Xan (as most people tend to do) and suddenly blurts out," Are you Pagan?"

I stare at him for a moment and then turn to look at Xan, who is startled to total and complete dumbness by the comment, mid-payment.

I'm waiting for her comeback...I mean we;d covered a wide range of religeous topics and experiences just the other night and...and...and there is nothing.

I am perplexed by her silence. Xan is NEVER at a loss for words.

Then the packer says, "It's just that you are wearing black and that's OUR colour."


My head has swung back to look at him, glance down at my usual all black casual clothing which mirrors Xan's usual dressy all black clothing and then back to stare at Xan who is staring at me in silence.

ALL I can think about is...*OUR* colour??

Xan mumbles that um no she's not.

Now I'm stunned. That's IT? Nothing MORE?! And what the fuck did that guy mean by OUR colour?

She then says that she's more Shinto and he looks surprised before saying that...Oh well that's okay.

The two of us walk away, I whisper that it's nice that she has his permission to practice Shinto then get lost in my thoughts about the OUR COLOUR comment. By the time we get to the car and are loading the packages Xan is snapping out of her WTF silence, and begins ranting that she should have said she was a follower of the Satanist Michael Aquino and OMG his aura was so slimmy she was still cringing at the memory of it.

This kind of total random happened regularly, day in and day out to us. One of the things I like about Xan is just sitting back and watching the world try to interact with her ~ it is usually most entertaining. >D

July 8th, 2009

Only sort of a tourist.....

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This was my vantage point of the city; Xan navigating her way through the maniacal traffic of the greater Vancouver area in her zippy little Smartcar.

The purpose of my trip had been to go help her & hubber move home/business from point A to point B. During that time we also talked our fool heads-off and while both were worried that I wasn't actually doing anything fun and touristy, I kept assuring them that beyond hitting up their local modern Chinatown (in the suburb of Richmond) and eating lots of sushi I was not particularly interested in doing anything besides spending time with them.

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And the gold medal goes to...

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Xan and I joked months ago that the way the media seems to be censoring itself in Canada regarding the up-and-coming Vancouver Olympics in 2010 & is making us feel as though we live in Beijing.

She'd send me daily reports with news links from her local media regarding the cock-up that is the VANOC experience on the west coast, and by the time was able to sit down and read the articles the urls had been pulled. *0__o

Very little negative news gets through the Rockies to the rest of Canada about the corruption, the political intrigue, the day to day screwing of, I mean taxing-to-death of the residents of that fair city...most of whom didn't want the Olympics in the first place.

But let me tell you that just being ground level there for 2 weeks and witnessing the nonsense daily, let alone speaking with the locals I am now convinced that Canada has a good chance of embarrassing itself on the international stage during the event.

Back to the Beijing angle...How about this, this and this to wet your appetite for dirty linen getting swept under the carpet....

...and taken out with the trash.

I mean, one of the MAJOR arteries through Vancouver to Whistler is up a street that is a boarded up nightmare of drug dealing, homelessness, prositution and dispair. It's so much worse than when I was out there 5 years ago that I could just weep...and I can't imagine they are going to be able to magically fix this ...slum (and it is)..in the heart of Vancouver in under 10 months. THEY ARE MAD @_@!!

Japan + MTV = WTF :)

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Odd couple pair of rabbits in a Soviet prison. Not a single word is uttered that you need to understand. It's all slapstick. It's 110% whacko. And if you think it's bizarre when they are just in the jail cell...wait for episode 13 when they escape and take their loonytoon antics into the countryside...

It's called Usavich if you wanted to follow their manic...tails.

July 7th, 2009

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your jungle grow?

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I posed pictures of the veggie garden on the 17th of June, just before I left.

THESE I took yesterday:

The south facing, warmed all day by sunshine, slightly elevated area is enjoying this extended spring we are having. While it's playing havoc with the cucumbers, at least the Japanese variety are making the effort and have just made it to the first rung of the trellis....can't say much about the Russian ones that only ONE seed germinated (after a 2nd planting) and it's only considering growing taller than my thumb.

No problem ~ the sugar snap peas are helping themselves to some support, the carrots are bustling along and a self planted pumpkin is bringing up the rear in time for the pea plants to finish their fruiting and make room for the big squashes.

The tomato plants beyond the dragon have LOST THEIR MINDS! I have stake them and will have to restake them. THEY are HAPPY HAPPY tomato plants and just can't set enough fruit for me. *@_@!! Even the neighbours have commented on the demented giants trying to eat my house....

The pumpkins are happy. The yellow Zucchini are REALLY happy ~ the Brandywine tomato plants are NOT ...

....and I suspect the endless spring weather that is going to do them in. They need a lot more sand in the soil than what they have beneath their roots and I think I'll be hauling them out and tossing them soon as there is no cure for blossom rot. I personally don't mind the lack of blistering summer weather but they do...as do my sunflowers. I gave up after 3 plantings and have gone for radishes instead.

I should just pull the Brandywines and replace them with lettuces (marche) but my family really doesn't care for lettuce salads...*shrugs*...or maybe just let that area lie fallow for next year and make a point of working in some sand in the autumn.
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