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June 2nd, 2009

Tuesday musings...

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Picked-up my father's birthday present this morning, did a quick bit or morning grocery shopping and then finished sanding the little room, vacuumed it before washing the walls.

I'm waiting on them to fully dry before I start taping the woodwork and then tomorrow doing the first coat of primer.

I am wondering what kind of renovations were done in this room 30 years ago, because these seems to be a lot of plasterboard and/or drywall instead of all 4 walls being plaster and lath. *0__o...and lots of squirrely tape work and quasi wallpaper removal.

I then pushed a few more seeds into the ground before taking my two Resinsoul boys tinies apart. I washed their heads and have left the pieces to dry before I spray them with MSC. I then proceeded to wire their floppy little bodies while I had their heads on a platter. This involves shoving pipecleaner or plastic coated wire through one wrist/ankle and up through the limb, the torso and then down through the other limb ~ darned if that didn't make an immediate improvement on the swinging and flopping appendages. :3

I was getting frustrated with myself because I wanted to play with them but I'd prefer they had face-ups and there is no excuse besides my own laziness. Now that I've go so much done around the house I can start putting a few hours aside daily to work on my resin army without feeling guilty that I should really be doing something else. I haven't gotten around to working on Mizu or Sora because both require full body painting and this is a much bigger undertaking than just a gentle pastel detailing on the little blue boys..

Anyway...soon off to pick up the sprog from school and take him to tutoring (a.k.a. quality reading time for Pira)

May 30th, 2009

Pick-it up puki

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I am working my way through my Dolly Army, trying to take photos amid the vegetation with all of them this Spring/summer.

Yesterday morning the greenery was glowed intensely ~ the kind of vivid, retina burning shades you only get with new growth, and in particular ~ just well watered new growth.

Anyway the hostas had exploded out of the ground and I thought they might make a nice backdrop for a photo...and the boys agreed.

1 rainshower + 2 puki = squeaks of delight, a flurry of clothing dropping to the floor as the imps, Pip and Pikku tore off to streak through the hostas ....*face palm*

Now my puki crew lives in a two story apartment (formerly known as THE BOOK SHELVES) where they are generally to be found, posed into a diorama. This is the other thing I love to do with them ~ set them up in scenes. My tinies rarely just lounge around ~ they are always busy doing something....so here is what they are about currently:

And upon their return, the boys were promptly scolded by Plum for leaving their clothes scattered all over the apartment and ...bringing home yet another pet. THIS one with 6 legs >D

May 29th, 2009

Streaming petals....

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I took the Hujoo doll outside in the rain yesterday evening. Squatting under an umbrella, I tried to balance her, the camera and said bumpershoot without falling over myself.

If you squint hard enough, you can imagine she is walking in a sea of fallen cherry blossoms ;)

The rain has come and gone, at least long enough for the sum to come out and start recharging our batteries for a few days and before the next wave of wet.

Feeling soooo lazy today. Stayed up late watching more episodes of TrueBlood with Teh Man last night. We are now caught up to where he left off on the televised version ~ so we can now enjoy the 2nd half of the first season before I take off to Vancouver.

I was talking to my father today and mentioned where the hubber was going and my dad asked me if he'd taken *bug spray*.


It has been SO LONG since I've been north that I'd forgotten it is PRIME black fly season right now. OH NELLY is Teh Bob going to be not particularlly thrilled with *networking* on the golf course all day and scratching all night.

In fact...I don't see him getting past a few holes before he retreats to the club house because he is such a city boy XD. *sporfle*

Whether it's kicking back and ignoring the world or rushing round for personal fun, I hope everyone has a good itch-free weekend! :3

May 28th, 2009

Another rainy day

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In case I've forgotten to post a picture of her, here is one of Plum (the 3rd puki) that I took this morning, between rain showers....

She's a total cutie ~ but then what puki isn't?

*stares at the lily-of-the-valley*

Interesting how the *just past their prime* blossoms look like glass when wet :3

ANYhoo ~ The universe let me know it was listening to my boastfulness of being in great shape... when I *over did* something in my quads on the weekend and I've spent the better part of the week loosening up enough again so as not to perambulate like a 90 year old. Stairs or any downward incline were particularly awful ~ not knowing when my knees would just collapse from under me was a close 2nd.

SOooooo anything that required bending down was not going to happen....at least not very fast. Hence the cupboard/pantry are still stuffed and side garden a mass of weediness. I'm sure the 3 days of rain will have made that much for fun to work on this weekend.

Today it's as though nothing happened ... legs are back to 100%

*looks skyward*

Thanks for the memo. Humility is now polished.

Anyway ~ we did get Teh Sprogs' former room cleaned out ~ and most of the wallpaper is now down...except for one wall that was apparently not sized prior to hanging it 30 years ago. *groans*

Nothing to be done about that today ~ I've my newly hatched neice and 3 year old nephew to mind this afternoon. Wouldn't be able to do much anyway since the 4 of us are juggling one car until Friday so I can't get out for supplies (scraper, TSP, primer, paint, masking tape.).. *rolls eyes*

Hopefully the 9 year old, who is home today with a miserable cold, won't be spreading any of his buggies to his cousins. Baby will probably be fine, but the 3 year old worships him and containing the germies is probably not going to happen, no matter how much I try to keep the little minion off his adored older brother (in his mind).

I was supposed to get out to the late show of Star Trek tonight with the Eldest Spawnling but it doesn't look like little brother is going to be able to go to tag along to the hoop game dad and Middling play in tonight ...*face palm*

And so it goes...

*wanders off to figure out what to feed the troops for dinner*

May 19th, 2009

Making connections, getting derailed and checking the schedule

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Long weekends mess with my headbound daytimer.

Long weekends when the family is scattered to the winds is worse.

The hubber & teens are enroute back from their little drive to the states (got as far as Terra Huate Indiana last night before pulling off to sleep). They should be home in the early evening and will doubtless shower and then just pass out.

Teh Bob said he's going to nap before going to his Beer League game at the university ....bwahahahah. Riiiight. He's spent the last couple of days driving to southern Kansas/Missouri and back. If I was a betting man, I'd say his head is going to hit his pillow and not get up till Wednesday. XD

Point is ~ I'm having trouble remembering what day of the week it is.

ANYhoo ~ I blindfolded my sentimentality on the weekend and attacked the magazines in the house. I loaded up my Toyota Matrix THREE TIMES to bursting with magazines from my bedroom and the attic, and took them to the paper recycling dumpster (used for fundraising) at Teh Sprogs's school.


I was reading about decluttering one's environment a few weeks ago and it mentioned that if a magazine is 3 months old, toss it out.

I've been thinking about that. Some magazines shouldn't fall into that catagory because they are reference material...but others, the majority do. I've thrown out a LOT of magazinese in the past few months and thought it was a good start ~ but really it was the tip of the iceberg. Ifinally decided it was time to get serious ~ I'm NEVER going to read those Shonen Jumps and Shojo Beat magazines again. Nor the years of NewType USA or DECADES of National Geographics & Traveller issues.

I've started giving the latter two to my parents after we are done reading them. My kids just don't have the interest in cutting them up or hording them like I did...in the pre-internet days. I've read every issue of NG since 1968 and this lifelong habit of keeping them close at hand needs to stop.

I was sheepish about the thigh high piles of magazines in the front hall...until I started bringing 30 YEARS of SI down from the attic. WTF BOB?!

Now at my nephews' birthday party yesterday afternoon, a relative said I could have sold them. SURE I could have...but that means having to keep HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of issues around for goodness knows how many weeks, and I think we are all at the breaking point with the clutter around here. Enough is enough!! I want my horizonal surfaces back....including the floors! I also want what is left of my sanity to remain where it is.

It's just as well that my regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustment is this morning. Boxes & boxes of magazines hauled around a small space, sorted then carried down stairs (three sets of them) to get them to the car, then out of the car has pretty well guarenteed that I need something nudged back into place. =__=

That is immediately after I drop of the sprog at school...then we are back off to the attic and moving over to the side of the small space where the Xmas decorations are. My mission ~ get rid of half of them. Tomorrow the temperatures soar and the attic will become impossible to work in so this is a do or die mission!

*salutes* Wish me luck & Have a good one!

May 16th, 2009

Romantic goth kitten

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I can usually tell I'm PM-sing when I can't contain my exasperation in a forum-setting and no matter how I word an opinion people just don't seem to see what my issue and give me advise that no bearing on the issue that I'm raging about.

At some point I realize I get tired of banging my head against walls & retreat from the source of annoyance, trying not to let the door hit my butt on the way out. I was about to rant about what it was that set me off but realize that it's pointless to keep beating this issue and best to just let it die. I am making a concerted effort to just stay out of the site for a few days and cool my heels and temper elsewhere.

Yesterday my parents came for a visit and a good time was had by all. My mother proudly handed me a foursome of used Barbie dolls she'd picked up and more goodies were added to the stash of clothing and bodies for future art projects ~ much to my fathers' bemusement. One had a nice little kimono on it and while I'm not entirely sure I'll use it as the template for one for other dolls it fist them perfectly, in particular my 2nd Hujoo.

Today was rainy and overcast ~ so no attic work. Not enough natural daylight to even take flower pictures without a flash so I was 3 kinds of frustrated on top of everything!

I did manage to keep busy with small things including the farmers' market, laundry, minding my friends sons (which means constantly shoving food at them and picking up). I tried my hand at tightening Willow's elastic ~ which meant disassembling her a bit. Now that I have a full Dolly-Tool Kit the job is not nearly as daunting as it would have been a year ago.

Here she is wearing her new Guessdoll outfit, that Ariss had requested to see. The fit is spot on for the MSD DZ girls. I am very impressed by the cut and the quality of the items. Instead of the lace that one would add at the throat, I decided to attach her cat bell neckpiece and I think it works very well on her.

I also set the colour, washed and ironed another Guessdoll outfit I'd ordered ages ago ~ it definately won't suit Kohl but I think Samual will look awesome in blue jeans, lightblue longsleeved t-shirt and blue plaid longsleeve over shirt.

I've chatted a few times with Teh Bob, who is on that road-trip to Kansas/Missouri. After mindless hours on the road with two teens plugged into their ipods, asleep in the back he just needs to touchbase with home to here a voice other than the one bouncing around inside his head XD

Much will depend on the weather tomorrow ~ but I hope to get to the gym when the friends take the sprog for the flip-side of the kid minding, after I pick-up a birthday present for the almost 3 nephew (party on Monday)....and maybe there will be sunshine in the morning for a bit of doll photography in the park ....and than later off to the attic!

AND...it's decided. I'm taking Willow to Vancouver with me for some photo opps. :) Xan was the one that had to listen to me whine about a pretty cat doll until she just told me to *BUY it already*...and shoved me over the edge and down this particularly slippery resin slope!!

May 12th, 2009


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Continuing on with the doll/flower photos ~ this one is of my tiny Elfdoll Doona, Rose.

It was pointed out to me how these photos all seem to be colour co-ordinated and I had to laugh aloud because I was doing that subconsciously. You'll see what I mean as we progress along with the images over the next little while.

I've been trying hard, every day, to do one artistic thing with the camera ~ forcing myself to work the minds' eyes, so to speak. It's been a battle since my brain has been badly scrambled for some reason. Whether it's due to the allergies, phase of the moon or life in general and the messy conditions I am dwelling in, my ability to concentrate has been plummeting and I need to stop the freefall.

I've also been in a lull domestically and now have to pump up that volume. Xan is moving house/business to a larger space and I'll be flying out to Vancouver in June to help her and hubby move, unpack, organize & set up, as well as sort through rented storage lockers. I'm really looking forward to spending time with her *^___^* ....and pawing her yaoi djs *cough*...when not hanging curtains and such.

Because I'm going to lose 2 weeks here, I need to get my ass in gear on the *inside projects*...meaning re-arranging the kids rooms and sorting through the contents of them, as well as removing wallpaper and repainting of the son's *soon to be former* tiny bedroom and make it a dressingroom for the girls. THEN take on the attic and dump at least 1/3 of the crap we have shoved up there.

Have to do that before the temperatures soar and it becomes an oven!

On top of that I won't be able to go to Anime North in Toronto this coming weekend since the rug has been pulled out from under me. Husband and teens are off to the states for reasons I don't want to get into here, meaning I'm on point for the 9 year old who has *prior commitments*.

This is probably why Teh Bob agreed so readily to allow me to escape to Vancouver in June...*sigh*

May 9th, 2009

So blue

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The provincial tourniment for girls' basketball (high school division) started yesterday & is hosted in our city, so that is where I was for chunks of this day. My daughters' team lost and so they don't advance further. The coach/her father/my hubber ~ sucked it up, and then spent the evening recruiting from the younger rank and file players for next year.

I don't care ~ I'm just happy to bury another season. NOT spending Mother's Day in a gym isn't too shabby either.... (although that probably makes me a bad mum)

The Forget-me-nots are blu-ming. Thought I'd take Azul out for a photo yesterday morning and was reminded that I need to take her brothers apart, wash, restring and face-them-up.

*adds them to the long list of to-dos*

Funny thing with these doll/flower photos. I started taking them just because the vegetation is getting into full glorious swing and makes a perfect backdrop .... and it's a quick *scratch of the creative itch* that I am forcing myself to do every day. So I'm working my way through the bunch.

I can't actually WORK on the dolls until my midling child is finished monopolizing the kitchen table with her school projects. I need that surfact to lay out the...er...body parts, when I am spraying them. Also the weather is still highly changeable, with temperatures dropping & sproratic rain fall, so that's a no go for spraying MSC.

All in good time I guess.

May 7th, 2009

Crimson beauties

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Yesterday was a fairly lazy one ~ I had to get up early to make sure that the middling child was out the door for her 6 a.m. appointment for a pulled muscle (just before the provincial play-offs), then the usual rolling of peeps out of bed at their staggered times, get the dry cleaning by 8:30 a.m. and then blah blah blah before meeting up for coffee with a friend.

We'd been trying to grabba java since December and apparently our planets were aligned :3

By the time I got home I could do the domestic waltz at a leisurely pace before grabbing the sprog from school, getting a quick nosh in him and heading out for his swimming lesson where cracked open into Gerard Jone's Killing Monsters:Why Children Need Fantasy, Super Heroes, and Make-Believe Violence

I've had this book on the shelf for a while but have been avoiding it because the type is ridiculously small. My eyes glaze over starting at the print and I am left wondering why any editor would choose to do that to potential readers. I was hopelessly casting about for something to read before dashing out the door to the swim complex ~ where I would have an hour to kill waiting. It's laughable considering the sheer number of books I have collected around me that I could say I have nothing to read ~ but I couldn't pull together enough synaptic activity to make a satisfying choice.

SO I just grabbed the closest volume that came to hand on my way out the door....and it was a pleasant surprise to find it engaging enough to distract me from the micro-type.

Why did I choose to put this thing on my *to read list* in the first place? I suspect it was a combination of wanting to get inside my son's headspace (boys are just ....different) as well as stroking the fact that I don't entirely buy into the idea that: violent entertainment = criminal minds...and wanting to know if I'm way off base in that regard.

Anyone who has ever raised a boy (or spent time with them) will note that even if you kept your child isolated from media influences (and good luck with that) they will STILL pick up sticks to bash things and growl like little savages. Boys are not generally wired for fluffy fantasy play....so why do people spend so much time trying to rewire them into girls, and is there any value in shoving that square peg into a round hole?

I suspect this is going to be a read where I sit smuggly nodding as my personal suspicions and beliefs are reaffirmed from one chapter to the next.

As for the photos....I was playing with the camera & tulips and thought Su would look amongst the firey petals. I think..I was right. :)

May 6th, 2009


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I am trying very had to make a point of doing something *creative* every day. This morning armed with a camera I took Aka (whois babysitting the puki-boys) and Pikku & Pim out into the garden when the light was still soft and the world fresh and green :)

Noting that all the trees had exploded into a pollination party all over the neighbourhood, I realized I wasn't coming down with a cold ~ the thick head, sore throat and runny nose were trying to tell me that I needed some allergy meds!

May 4th, 2009

Bell that cat!

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Heh...you have no idea how many times I've started posting this, only to be dragged off in some other direction or manage to distract myself.

I've been breaking up the weeding and general digging and lifting of things with reading manga or watching anime.

The anime is Wagaya no oinari sama (Our Homes' Fox Deity) on Youtube. I picked at random a big anime poster calendar that features this series because it had such cute illustrations. I also have a number of furoku that Xan sent me from her 2008 trip to Japan featuring this character and finally I looked it up and have been enjoying it when my brain has been too whacked from sunshine and labor to do much more than absorb fluffy comedy. :3

Volumes 8 & 9 of my current fav shojo series, High School Debut arrived and I've been all awibble about the storyline. For a light shojo, and a high school romance yarn at that, it's very well done. Realistic storyline without being uber dramatic. No crazy plot devices or over the top scenarios ~ just a story of young people trying to find their way through love and all it's emotional ups and downs from both the female AND male perspectives. You want them to succeed and you cry and laugh and most importantly....you understand EXACTLY what they are going through and become their biggest cheerleaders. Good stuff that. My copies are all well thumbed. I've read each volume at least 3 times...some many more.

I've been savouring the recently published Sookie Stackhouse series volume (9), Dead and Gone. There won't be another volume for quite a while (assuming this isn't the last) so I'm not devouring this in one sitting....just taking it easy and soaking it up with a silly smile plastered on my face.

The weather has been nice so I've also taken some time to photograph a few of the dolls between domestic/yard duties ~ and thought I should show off Willow a bit. I have been forcing myself to take more artsy plant shots too ~ which I'll scatter about here when I get the chance to pull them off the camera....and assuming I got something in focus :3

You'll have to excuse me but I can't help but gush about her. She is without a doubt my favorite resin *^__^*...too cute!

May 2nd, 2009

Yar and all that

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My DZ MSD body/LaTidoll Blue Rei head boy, Samual is finally starting to find his look.

I'd been whinging to Apis at Featherfall about the dearth of adult MSD boy clothing. Manufacturers tend to treat MSD males like little children or punk/gothic. BLEH! The owner of the Canadian shop, agreed and said that they had been actively searching out makers of clothing that don't treat this doll size and gender as though they are just immature SDs....like all those *cutsie shorts* a lot of companies tend to offer up, instead of slacks.

Luckily for me they are having success in this area and some portions of my boys' wardrobe have started to arrive ~ the maker is Guessdoll and this *shop exclusive* Urban Pirate outfit might as well have been tailor made for my long legged fellow :)

The hat is something that Featherfall had carried when they first opened up and I was offered once it became clear that I had a fashionista buccaneer on my hands !! His boots (these white ones are Willows') should be arriving soon, but I'd say he's looking mighty pleased with his new wig and clothing. YAR ~ all he needs is saber, a parrot...

...and maybe a Merman to woo him out of his tight pants ;)

No wait ~ already got one of those XD

I've not been particularly happy with the wig I had him in before, and it struck me that I had an extra one in his size that I'd been sent as a mistake when Jpopdolls messed up an order. They let me keep in and when I tried it on him today it was one of those moments where you are slapping yourself up side the head and saying *DOH!*

How could I have not thought of that before! It not only fits perfectly but it actually looks good. Really good *0__0!!

The outfit fits so very well. I will be trying out the lacy top on him later but right now I rather like this dress shirt...and the tricorn hat is...well it just pulls the look together.

When is black boots (that fold down in a swashbuckler style) arrive he will be ready to challenge Mizu for the title of King of Vanity. :P

April 15th, 2009

She has a TAIL!

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Initially when my 50cm girl arrived, I was planning on adding her to my collection of Golden Age of Hollywood Stars...but I was so over the moon with this doll and the sweet anime head that she arrived with that plans changed. Rita Harukaworthis going to have to wait....or share bodies with Vivian (Gretal Garbo)

She is stilla WIP.

Having made those ears from sculpey and attaching them with magnets I find they are working out really well. However ....with this straight long wig (which I am still undecided about)I will definately need a more delicate pair as I find the pinna too thick for the fine tresses. I will probably at some point end up making her a white mohair mop too for those moments when she's feeling her GODDESS *powah!!* and in delivering a karmatic smack-down.

We now have dark grey eyes. NOT sure I like those yet either. The intense golden ones were more foxy, but all the images of Inari I've seen as a fox have them dark. Hmmm

Today, using the same earth magnets & technique as with the ears I attached the tail ~ via taking apart the doll and gluing a magnet inside her buttocks ~ oh the fun I had with that har har ~ not. I lived in terror that I'd be breaking another hip joint and they DON'T SELL these internal parts piecemeal yet. *>__

April 12th, 2009


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Well the long weekend was spent mostly in the company of small children and assorted teens as my sis-in-law was off to the hospital to deliver a healthy baby girl. :)

That meant I didn't get a chance to work more on the ears for my 50cm Obitsu girl/Inari.

Here we have the *fox ears* formed from transparent Sculpey and baked. I'd wrapped her head in plastic wrap so that I could form the curve at the base and then hoped they didn't flop over when curing.

After a bit of sanding I wiped them down with isopropyl alcohol and left it at that. I wasn't sure that I hadn't left some fine cracks in the surface and didn't want to get water below the surface before I applied a coat of MSC.

The coating then gave the surface a tooth and I applied chalk pastel, trying to match the pinks to the dolls facial colouring.

When I started to apply the magnets, I realized that the small ones, that were to go in those tiny holes, weren't strong enough to hold these big fox ears on her head through the wig and vinyl head cap. Using a knife I carved out a larger hole for larger Earth magnets to match the bigger ones I'd glued inside the the head.

Although my Inari is still wearing the eyes, wig and clothing belonging to other dolls ~ I wanted to show off how well these worked. I could have formed them thinner and I might still do so ~ but I haven't worked in Sculpey before so it was all one big experiment for me. Finesse comes later. :3

At least I like to think they worked rather well. What I am particularly happy about is that they have that nice transparency that shows daylight through them like a real animals' ear would. I am waiting on the arrival of her wig before I decide how to approach applying white faux fur to the ears ~ but I will be instead working on her tail.

April 9th, 2009

Spocks Brain

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Last Friday my Mattel Spock arrived. Aside from reminding me that we are another step closer to the arrival of the new Star Trek film in theatres (woot) I was reminded how much I loathe this doll company.

I'm happy enough with the head, which I immediately put under the gun of my hair dryer and popped the piece of vinyl from the P.O.S body it was attached to. This was my intention all along and I think he will work very well on an Obistu figure, colour match should be just about perfect and modding of the neck-piece minimal.

While I had not expected much of the Mattel body, I was VERY disappointed in the shoddy design for the uniform. The pants are fine, but the nice blue science officer shirt is borderline trash. The black clowl neck is held on by 4 tiny plastic bits of plastic that you usually see in a larger form, holding tags on clothing. WTF!?!?!?

Garbage. Mattel is GARBAGE. And in an era when they have A LOT of competion for the higher end market (and NOT just from Japan) they can't afford to be producing such pathetic quality items. I am stunned at how much WORSE this item is than expected. Wow...just wow.

Anyway..here he is on a shelf with the boys:

The other day I started scultping some fox/kitsune ears for my new big Obitsu and while I was waiting for the protecive spary to dry between coats prior to blushing the inner ear, I was grazing on a national paper. From today's Globe & Mail, Social Studies section:

Last month, the jounral PLoS Medicine analysed data from a study of over 50,000 pregnant women and came to a simple but stunning conclusion: Older fathers have dumber kids, "Emily Nussbaum writes in New York magazine. "...But at really caught my eye was the secondary finding, which was that older mothers were associated with smarter children. I quickly did the calculations and was pleased with my findings. The most intelligen children, I deduced, must be the outcome of 45-year old career women inseminated by their 21-year old personal trainers. At last, science has produced the case for cougers."

That makes my inner feminist grin like a fool. *^___^*

March 30th, 2009

Monday morning

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I read the eight book in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, From Dead to Worse on the weekend and it was like wallowing in a bowl of chocolate pudding ~ or in my case, creme brulee. It's so nice when you are this far into a series and the characters are still evolving and like good friends you can't wait to visit and catch up on all the local gossip.

Again, this Southern Vampire mystery series isn't deep, but it's fun and comforting. My mother borrowed the first 7 books and has been chewing her way through them while my father is not at all impressed with me for loaning them to her. Apparently she just holes up on the couch and ignores him.

*insert wicked grin HERE*

Can't hardly wait for May and the release of Volume 9!

These pictures, by the way ~ are for [info]ariss_tenoh. The hakama and kimono made by an ebay seller are a very good fit for the 1/6 sized doll. I was so frustrated with the Japanese pattern book so now I have a comparison size to scrutinize when cutting out fabric and deal with that pleating. It's also much too long for my Hujoos (which is good to know so I can down size the pattern) but should fit a Taesung just fine. Very VERY well made.

As to piccies ~ Mr. Omega wants to take a photo of Dude...preferably with a bit of the kimono slipping off the shoulder. Dude wants Mr.O to take a hike. Monk has a new laptop (snagged from the Sprogs' SWAT doll) and is completely oblivious to either of them.

March 29th, 2009

Hold that pose!

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As you know, I tend to straddle the fence when it comes to dolls. I have one foot firmly planted in the Resin Universe and the other in the Vinyl Dimension. There are opposing camps in each, with the former being the more rabid doll of fans ~ happily bashing the latter when not beating on one another.

I tend to think though, that if you were to collect all doll-people together, a quiet majority just plain like dolls in general, and while they might be partial to a particular kind or make, they aren't going to get their knickers in a wad if someone prefers doll-type A to doll-type B. It's all cool.

I mention this because the coolest, most customizable, posable doll I own arrived last week ~ and she's banned from BJD forums, even though her taller sister is grandfathered in. While I can understand the rational it still tweaks my nose just a little that the 60cm Obitsu (Vivian) is welcome (aibeit grudgeonly) but the 50cm (and 55cm Claudette) are not.

It's too bad ~ because the 50cm Obitsu is a breathtaking piece of engineering. *nods at the photo of the girl, fresh out of the box, to the left with borrowed eyes/wig*

As for my girl ~ I really hadn't given much thought to the head that came with this doll, because I hadn't thought it really came with a head until I ordered it and started paying closer attention to the Japanese shops.

Rita ~ is a Haruka Head-sculpt that I intend to go with this body....so what to do with this noggin?

I just couldn't find it in me to toss it into the box and so I worked on both heads yesterday. While I'm not a huge fan of these anime style heads, I don't find them at all creepy...any more than I do a NOH mask. They are simply....masklike....which is the problem. Your canvas is rather limited.

This train of thought lead me to consider my pair of 21cm Obitsu girls, whom I am making into little Kisune (fox spirits), and I decided they would need their Goddess to serve eventually... and after looking at number of woodblock print depictions of Inari, I found that this style of head would work particularly well for that role...rather in the tradition of the NOH stylization.

I have a fussy wig (which I was not about to haul out of packaging at this moment) and really just need to sew up a proper kimono for her and decide if I want to swap her torso to a medium chest from the small one she currently sports.

ANYway for the time being here she is borrowing Rita's body, a Hujoo's wig, DZ Floy's default eyes and some MSD clothing from Willow & Kohl. She is Inari: Goddess of J-Rockers XD

March 22nd, 2009

New Wig and dangly not clothing thingy

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The wig is mostly finished. It just needs a bit of tweaking so that I can contain all the fly-away hair and figuring out the best method by which to keep it on the brats' head.

It stays in place much better than the previous wig did but this mohair is slick suede underneath, so I will probably have to resort to velcro or something like that, on his head cap.

I'd purchased a bracelet at a dollar store for him but the danglies on it were too short to hide his own danglies.

Improvising this morning I added some slinky chains to it and if you squint hard enough you can almost mistake it for an item of clothing. Otherwise just pretend he's an underwater version of Josephine Baker and her Banana outfit XD

Naturally he LOVES IT!

My eyes are currently in *unfocus* mode so I might have to do some domestic work instead of fine detailed dolly play. My Haruka head will have to wait until I can focus at ANY distance and I might just go outside and prune some vegetation.

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March 21st, 2009

In his element

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This is my desk.

This is Mizu lounging on my desk, surrounded by wig making stuffs, enjoying a 2nd day of mocking the resident Doll Attendant.

He's also purring contentedly because he's the main focus for once.



MIZU: I'm just waiting for you to screw it up.

*head desk*

....a compromise?

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Are we a smug little Water Element?

I'd say yes we ARE.

Smug smug.

Very smug.

*sighs as she pitches beads and blue netting into a box*

Okay....now to attend to sewing a wig.
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