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August 28th, 2009

Resin theory

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Q: What happens when you put 2 crazy doll ladies and 10 dolls into the same room together?

A: The laws of physics get bent out of shape as time speeds up and 5 1/2 hours flash by in seconds.

*^__^* OF course Professor Tameiki had already done the math and predicted as much.

August 27th, 2009

Zoom zoom

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Drove Teh Sprog and his buddy home this morning.

Tossed the limp and mold contents of the fridge into the garbage (would it kill these people to eat the fruit I buy them without my having to prep it first?) and went to the grocery store while Teh Bob, Middling and sprog went to the gym for a workout.

Came home, filled the fridge and then: hard boiled 2 1/2 dozen eggs (that I'd been aging to this end), made a salad, cleaned and hulled a few pints of strawberries and put those in the fridge and grilled two halves of fresh salmon.

While I was waiting for the latter to cook, I had enough time to jump online and into SL (Sildil that is why you might have seen me in there) and had a notice from my favourite kimono shop that they had a anniversary kimono for sale (bargin price) and were part of some fashion hunt which netted me another stunning kimono.

So my 20 minutes online were spent scoring virtual kimono.

I am so pathetic.

*ponders all the moldy fruit I threw into the garbage atop all the take out they'd bought*

....but then so are they. =__= Seriously people. Two pieces of bread and a slice of ham is not rocket science.

ANYway....Salmon was ready. Family came home. I did a few more quick chores before jumping back in the car to turn around and sit for another 2 hours at 120km/hr while my brain curdled in boredom.

Having my second coffee of the day now (at 5 pm) as I don't like to drink java while on the road and then start fretting about having to let it out when I get stuck in a traffic jam.

When said coffee is finished I'm off to burn the household trash then water/feed the cluckettes in the barn and contemplate picking dill for drying.

Tomorrow morning I really should scrub the tiles in the sauna for my mother before I head off to see Irondog with my dollies in tow...

*Irondog + resins = WOOT*

Need I tell you how MUCH I am looking forward to adult interaction about topics I'm interested in?

Thought not.

August 23rd, 2009

One can justify anything if they look at it from the right angle...

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When I started in SL it was only a matter of time before I would start to want a place to call my own in order to play at terraforming.

It would also be a nice to have a place to call my own ~ where I could park my AV when I am eventually learning to build things and reading info inworld....and a place to get her/him nekked and change clothes without being in public.

Now my place is open to the public and I'm hardly worried about modesty, so someone seeing Kulta starkers isn't the issue. It's a matter of not being rude and stripping down in someones backyard.

ANYway ~ no surprise Xan's husband had a pretty piece of real estate waiting for me.

I have of course been spoiled. I don't have to deal with *griefers* (SL Trolls) or nasty neigbours due to the fact that I have common lands all around me, a sensible covenant and law abiding neighbours and awesome terrain to work with.

So I pay rent (not remotely high by SL standards either...hence le spoiled kitty am I) and when I mentioned this to Teh Bob, his eyes bugged out. The gears in his brain froze up solid and then he quietly told me I was INSANE to pay for vapor.


I told him that the definition of *vapor* is all relative. He went to a NHL playoff game in NYC this spring. The tickets/flight etc were not cheap. What he spent in 24 hours could buy me 3 YEARS of vapor. I will get a whole lot more play and enjoyment if you count dollars = hours than he did for something that is no more *real* than pushing cursors around in an online environment. He wasn't playing the hockey game...he was just watching and enjoying it with a friend...how is that different from what I'm doing?

I also mentioned that this particular hobby is cheaper than dolls.

Without missing a beat he told me he'd rather I bought more dolls than payed for something that didn't really exist.


I want that in writing...because it's not like I'm not TEMPTED!

Seriously ~ really am tempted but will hold the line at the pack I have right now as I await the arrival of my lastest two (whom I ordered in May)... and while I'm planning another (I want to recreate my Av as a doll) I am not going to let impulse guide me.

AND that becomes interestingly simple enough to accomplish by just doing the math and realize that: 1 Doll = 5 months of shopping inworld (I give myself a weekly allowance) or 18 months SL rent.*

Suddenly the play value of another doll doesn't quite make sense...even if I can hold it in my hot little hands. Especially when I have so many that are mid project and I'm happy with.

Kulta is a doll too, but one that can literally interact with other peoples dolls and I can accumulate a closet of outfits for at a fraction of the cost.

If NOTHING else, SL has stopped me from endlessly snooping around doll shoppes online. OH I keep updated on what is available but the habit has been replaced with snooping around clothing shops in SL. It satisfies the need without making the wallet scream for mercy.

I'm not going to say that's a good thing....it's just less of a bad thing. ;)

August 21st, 2009

Boom boom

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So yesterday the humidity was trying to strangle us and on my way home from visiting Irondog and Crystalily in Oshawa, I was basically racing a thunderstorm.

Didn't quite make it ~ it was a fairly dramatic display of lighting as I sped along the rural highway and then it started to rain. We dashed inside around 6 pm and I was trying to decide what to do.

1) go to the barn in the storm and tend the chickens or
2) wait it out

The problem out here is that if the power goes off due to weather you lose the ability to draw water from the well ~ and while I use the word *well*. it's not the traditional, can climb down into it with a bucket if needbe type. It's a pipe drilled down 75'. No power. No water.

So I cooked Wil his supper and made a cuppa coffee ~ the sound of the rain on the steel roof was spectacular.

He ate.

I had my coffee.

It got darker.

It was 6:30 and I decided we had to go to the barn ~ so off we schlepped in the downpour. Big broad rimmed cowpoke hats keeping the water from running down our necks. Wearing windbreakers against the rain it was a questionable choice as it was so hot you were soaked anyway from sweat.

I filled extra buckets with water just in case the power cut out and wasn't running the next morning.

The chickens fed and watered I closed up the barn and we tromped through the mud back to the house.

We get in.

The phone rings and Teh Bob is telling me there are tornado warnings in my area. I tell him that I might lose the phone line any second....the phone had been funky for the past hour as I couldn't call him before I went to the barn.

Power goes out.

Power goes on.

I call him back...he tells me I got through fine...I said again that the chances of us losing phone due power outage was high when midsentence...

Power goes out again and stays out.

THEN I'm trying to find flashlights in my parents place in the middle of a raging thunderstorm....

I light the oil lamps....

...and we step outside to watch the sky turn various shades of black, green and orange ~ clouds parted north of us and the sun shone large and angry across the landscape ~ turning everything a very funky shade of yellow. My parents home is on a rise, the land overlooking lower areas to the west so they generally can just sit back and *watch* weather come toward them.

The sprog stared at the sky and said;"It's green. That can't be good."

We got rain, and eventually the power came back on...but...other parts of the region apparently got pasted. Picked-up, chewed-over and spat out.

I'm feeling mighty grateful for just being soaked through when doing the chores last night and slightly inconvenienced by the hydro being off.

July 24th, 2009


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So now that I've made my garbage un-palatable....they have decided to move their banquet to my garden and are decimating my zucchini patch.

Not enough to tear chunks off the harvestable courgettes, but they are eating the BLOSSOMS off the plant before they can even set fruit.


I am now stringing up baggies of mothballs IN the centre of each zucchini plant...see if that doesn't put them off their feed >P

Here be dragon....

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Ariss asked me what I meant by a garden dragon when I said I was painting the steel parts on it....and I wasn't sure if I've ever introduced the 300 pound critter who lives under my livingroom window.

Here is Jasper ~ in all his glory, with newly rust protected steel bits.

We bought him as a wedding anniversary gift to each other a number of years back and his sweet mug has been our house guardian ever since. When visitors ask directions to my house I usually mention that it's the one with the stone dragon out front....

...when they arrive they understand it's no ordinary garden statuary I speak of ;)

Funny thing about jasper (named such because he's made of rock composite)....my mother has about a dozen names for him, including Lucy...but refuses to acknowledge his real name, insisting that it doesn't suit him. *sigh*

It's Friday again?

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You blink and a week goes by....YIKES!

I wandered in here daily when I seemed to have enough mental bandwidth to cobble together a few thoughts and get called away before I could actually write anything beyond a sentance...

I'd last left off with the following:

Here we sit at the midweek point and I'm trying to recall what I did on the weekend and the realized it was all rather about forced socializing.

You know...the kind you do because you have to and not because it was anything you dreamed up yourself. *heh*

On the Saturday we attended a BBQ


Okay so now to finish that thought.

We attended a BBQ of friends of the Bob's. He's coached their daughter for years & has come to enjoy the company of her father while my middling child is very close with the girl ~ so we finally made the time to take up an invitation from them for a 6 hour tete-a-tete by the barbie and it when all very well...except for that fact that half the time I felt I was out-squirreled by the hostess who is waaaay more random conversation-wise that moi. Let's just say that I was exhausted from the verbal pingpong and shoveling food in my piehole.

The next morning we had to attend ...no wait...I had to PARTICIPATE in my neice's baptism. I had been chosen as Godmother to the new baby, and while my sister-in-law knows full well that I am perhaps the least religious of her hubbers' family, she still chose to honor me with the role if I was willing to accept it. I couldn't say no to my favorite sis-in-law...and the right to call Elizabeth ~ LIZZY!, and so it goes. Pira in church on Sunday ...in a dress...saying prayers as my brother-in-law strained to keep a straight face while nudging me with his foot every time I had to say amen and/or cross myself or agree to something the priest said.

I just hoped I wouldn't have to dodge any lightening bolts.

That was followed by hours of socializing and eating...because I hadn't had enough of that 12 hours earlier....

And because I hadn't talked enough I probably clocked a few hours in there somewhere talking at Xan while playing with my nekogirl (points at image) in SL and learning some more ropes along the way.

More about that later.

July 14th, 2009

The Cat's pajamas....or something like that

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Last night I played in SL (second life) and bought character a skin ~ meaning while I can change the human shape of my avatar to suit, I coughed-up coin to wrap her body in snow leopard markings with an animated tail and ears.

I am most please with my girl ~ she is smexy =^..^=

Today the only noteworthy things I did was I trim the backyard grass with clippers, weed the back section of the rock garden, move furniture around the sprogs room now that the girls' vanity is out of there... and play around a bit with Kulta here (who is wearing a new outfit I picked up for him when in Vancouver). I also went to the gym and finished off volume 9 of Kurosagi Corpse Deliver Service while on the bike.

...such a good read that. I know there are 11 volumes out in Japan but why isn't Dark Horse publishing another one this year? WHAAAAAH ~ I want more smart & funny horror manga!!

My box of needful things from Vancouver arrived and I've only just started to unpack those items I picked up at Daiso for house and dollies. I'd wondered why it was so heavy and discovered the answer on the bottom ~ along with the bubble gum machine, Xan had sent me her rice cooker which was too big for just her and hubby. *heh* At some point I'm bound to kill mine and it's good to have a back-up :)

Ariss, I'll haul it all out tomorrow to give you a better idea of what goodies I found at Daiso..

I've now made a list of the NEXT to-dos; Along with painting the front porch I need to paint the parging around the base of the house (that I can get at) paint the steel wings/fangs and claws on the 300 lb. stone dragon in my front garden, prep & re-paint a pair of stepping stools my grandfather made me and also take down and repaint the house numbers so they are once again visible from the street.

*looks at list and nods to self*

You know it feels good to be able to tackle the little piddly chores along with the bigger ones that NEED to be done. :)

Feline felicty )

July 13th, 2009

A blast

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Awesome day that saw lots get done.

Dashed off for errands first thing in the morning and then did some chores around the house before my parents arrived.

We went out for lunch with the eldest spawnling ~ who has wisely decided that now is a good time to get to know her grandparents...while they are still able to have interesting conversations. I thought she did fairly well considering she was slightly hung over, which my father found highly amusing XD

ANYway ~ after a leisurely lunch my father proceeded to powerwash the front porch carpet (long story short about why we have indoor outdoor carpet....because some fool glued high gloss tiles to the cement and then rebuilt a wooden porch around it so there is great expense involved in removing said tiles that ice up in the winter and become a health hazard....but that's a future project)....AND he turned the blast on the wooden stairs that I needed to scrape down and prep for re-painting and did 99% of my work for me. WOOT!

Following that we took apart the old basketball hoop that had been shoved aside when my driveway was paved last year and made it difficult for me to garden. My sprocket sets and a Yankee screwdriver, coupled with his ability to disassemble anything = big old piece of crap-pain in the ass is now ready for me and the eldest to take to the dump. DOUBLE WOOT!

While my father and I were doing that, my mother was taking pictures of my dolls to send to her cousins in Finland and then pounced on the latest Tamora Pierce book I bought her. In fact she was asking about it right after arriving, saying Hello, great to see you....so you have the book? HAH! Such a kid. She got to read the latest fantasy thing and my father got to play with his tools...I think he's power washed everything there is to power wash on the farm right now XD

THEN we went to a buffet for dinner before they bolted for home.

The eldest said she had a BABY day. Sleep till noon. Eat. Sleep till 6. Eat. Go to bed for the night. HAH....except for the diapers that sounds about right.

As for myself...I'm going to retire with a scotch and plan my Tuesday in the garden before the next stretch of rain settles in and the jungle grows madder than ever. Washing those new doll clothes too seems in order and I also need to put the game SPORE on my son's pc or he's going to kill me when he gets home. It's his gift from my trip out west...and he is getting ansty to play it.

I do believe that I have volunteered myself to farm sit the last two weeks of August and am encouraging them to go on a drive-about in their Miata. They are 67/68 respectively and I want to make sure they take the time to enjoy getting out while they still have the ability to do it. :)

July 12th, 2009

Hope you guys had a good weekend!

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Ticked a few more things off the list today, including scraping and painting (with oil, ick) the shed (former garage) door and old fancy window frames.


Also went to the gym *yay* and then was on the horn with Xan's hubber as he walked me through configuring my firstever joystick and taught me the ups, downs and sideways of it.

*feels like a kid*

Tomorrow the parental units are here for the day ~ and hopefully they are bringing the power-washer so that I can deal with those things that need to be hydro-blasted... *yes I'm talking about you porch & deck*

For now though ....I think a scotch will taste just fine and then off to practice falling off buildings and materializing inside walls :P

July 10th, 2009


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FINALLY got to the gym after weeks of not and BOY did that feel GOOD!

I didn't die...so obviously I've been using some of my muscles.


I'm going to just drop moments from the trip as they pop into my flea brain so forgive the randomness.


So Xan and I were in a Costco, picking up some things she needed and are standing in the check-out, the cashier running items through as a 2nd man packs the purchases into a box.

Packer stares at Xan (as most people tend to do) and suddenly blurts out," Are you Pagan?"

I stare at him for a moment and then turn to look at Xan, who is startled to total and complete dumbness by the comment, mid-payment.

I'm waiting for her comeback...I mean we;d covered a wide range of religeous topics and experiences just the other night and...and...and there is nothing.

I am perplexed by her silence. Xan is NEVER at a loss for words.

Then the packer says, "It's just that you are wearing black and that's OUR colour."


My head has swung back to look at him, glance down at my usual all black casual clothing which mirrors Xan's usual dressy all black clothing and then back to stare at Xan who is staring at me in silence.

ALL I can think about is...*OUR* colour??

Xan mumbles that um no she's not.

Now I'm stunned. That's IT? Nothing MORE?! And what the fuck did that guy mean by OUR colour?

She then says that she's more Shinto and he looks surprised before saying that...Oh well that's okay.

The two of us walk away, I whisper that it's nice that she has his permission to practice Shinto then get lost in my thoughts about the OUR COLOUR comment. By the time we get to the car and are loading the packages Xan is snapping out of her WTF silence, and begins ranting that she should have said she was a follower of the Satanist Michael Aquino and OMG his aura was so slimmy she was still cringing at the memory of it.

This kind of total random happened regularly, day in and day out to us. One of the things I like about Xan is just sitting back and watching the world try to interact with her ~ it is usually most entertaining. >D

July 7th, 2009

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your jungle grow?

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I posed pictures of the veggie garden on the 17th of June, just before I left.

THESE I took yesterday:

The south facing, warmed all day by sunshine, slightly elevated area is enjoying this extended spring we are having. While it's playing havoc with the cucumbers, at least the Japanese variety are making the effort and have just made it to the first rung of the trellis....can't say much about the Russian ones that only ONE seed germinated (after a 2nd planting) and it's only considering growing taller than my thumb.

No problem ~ the sugar snap peas are helping themselves to some support, the carrots are bustling along and a self planted pumpkin is bringing up the rear in time for the pea plants to finish their fruiting and make room for the big squashes.

The tomato plants beyond the dragon have LOST THEIR MINDS! I have stake them and will have to restake them. THEY are HAPPY HAPPY tomato plants and just can't set enough fruit for me. *@_@!! Even the neighbours have commented on the demented giants trying to eat my house....

The pumpkins are happy. The yellow Zucchini are REALLY happy ~ the Brandywine tomato plants are NOT ...

....and I suspect the endless spring weather that is going to do them in. They need a lot more sand in the soil than what they have beneath their roots and I think I'll be hauling them out and tossing them soon as there is no cure for blossom rot. I personally don't mind the lack of blistering summer weather but they do...as do my sunflowers. I gave up after 3 plantings and have gone for radishes instead.

I should just pull the Brandywines and replace them with lettuces (marche) but my family really doesn't care for lettuce salads...*shrugs*...or maybe just let that area lie fallow for next year and make a point of working in some sand in the autumn.

July 6th, 2009


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Geraniums ~ they be trimmed, potted and watered.

Garbage can lid handles are now wrapped in alumimiun foil tape (chew on that ya stinking Sciurus carolinensis) and mothballs are secured to the inside of said lids.

A/C guy is currently puzzling together the A/C non-functionality. I hope he finishes before 2:45 so the eldest and I can scoot out to see the Transformers film.

I had rhubarb/strawberry pie for lunch *^___^*

*dashes off to collect the recycling from around the house for trash day*

June 17th, 2009

Project update June

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So here is as best a picture I can get for you of the final product of this tiny room that while small on space is LARGE on purple. The wall behind the door is white, while the end walls (door/window) are that lighter shade or grape and well....yeah then there is that dark one. EIGHT COATS of dark purple I might add....atop 4 coats of white. =__=

ANYway yep yep...another project under my belt. Next summer I tackle my own bedroom with a helava lot more weird angles, 4 x bigger and all wall papered drywall that wasn't sized so it will be a LONG project to remove the 30+ year old floral print stuff before I attempt the joy of painting.

I think...I will be using a roller on portions of that one.

But that's in 2010. For now I can say *I did it* and move onto painting the front porch in July aswell as the parging along the base of the house.

....other projects )

June 16th, 2009

2 days to go

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So on Thursday I'm off to Vancouver for some mental R&R from reality.

I've got pretty well everything on my list done that needed to be checked off ~ with the exception of last minute chores that have to wait till the last day anyway (ie., picking-up some rhubarb tarts & bakalava from the local bakeries for my pc techboy), lay out the schedules for everyone since they don't actually live here and have a clue... and packing.

YES that means the walls ARE DONE! Or at least what I intend to do in the way of painting is completed. I leave the furniture moving and arranging to the teens. It's THEIR dressingroom afterall.

It will be good to get away from online doll forums for a bit ~ I have been keeping to the threads involving tinies for the most part ~ because collectors of the small resins seem to me to be the most laid back and least self-absorbed of the bunch. It's all about the cute ~ period. I can't seem to disengage my temper completely so time to just disengage period, and pull the plug for a few weeks.

That doesn't mean no dolls though. The Feline siblings and Bonsai Boys are travelling with me, and I will be meeting up with the owner of the online dollshoppe, Featherfall while out in BC ~ which I am very much looking forward to. On the other hand my mother is insisting I look up my fathers' cousin which just makes me cringe. WHAT is the daughter of a former AD-man supposed to say to the man who invented National Buy Nothing Day??? The mind boggles.....

Anyway I will probably be posting daily while I'm away to keep you abreast of any adventures (or misadventures) :)

Okay...off to fold laundry (not going to miss that I can tell ya)

June 10th, 2009

A nose for these things...

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When I was a kid, before the country was converted to the metric system, milk was sold in gallon jugs.

My mother would bring a fresh one home and occasionally the *milk guzzler* in the household (me) would open a new jug, stop dead in my tracks and refuse to drink it.

I'd swear it was going sour and go without milk until a new jug was in the fridge.

My mother thought I was being ridiculous because it tasted fine to her ~ until she realized that each and ever jug of milk I refused *turned* sour within 3 days and it was poured down the drain.

I have always been the *milk canary* in our household because my sense of smell and taste really IS that sensitive.

Growing older I was told my palette would peak and then become less sensitive but....somewhere along the way I'd read about sommeliers and how their taste is at it's prime from their 40s through 50s. While I remained skeptical I am now forced to accept the fact that I'm in for a long, annoying decade.

If the badly designed/located drip pan under the fridge is getting funky I can smell it about THREE WEEKS before it starts to affect the family and I need to pull the unit out of it's spot, remove the back panel and start the long process of cleaning the thing with vinigar.

If my eldest spritzes a perfume on herself behind closed doors at the other end of the house, on another floor ~ I know in about 2 seconds.

The other night I was sitting on the couch watching tv with the husband and suddenly sat up, rigid and sniffing the air like a dog. Teh Bob asked me if I was okay and I nodded...but sat uneasily because I'd smelt something chemical and floral float by and the teenagers were both out. After a moment my brain classified it and at the next commercial I bolted upstairs to my sons' bedroom.

Opening his bedroom door I saw that he was asleep and on the floor in the middle of the room was a can of Febreeze....(I didn't buy it, the teens did)

Yesterday my eldest apologized as we wandered around the fabric store, for still reeking of the roasted garlic she'd indulged in THREE DAYS earlier. I could smell it coming off her body in WAVES when she walked by me and she said her boyfriend couldn't understand what I was talking about because he couldn't smell it at all.

Did I mention I can smell myself and avoid certain foods because it turns me off and I just can't get away from my own skin??

I was reminded of this when I walked by a tree in full bloom this morning at 6 a.m., and was hit by an overpowering cloying floral fragrance. It was strong but not nearly as bad as something that I smell when I walk past another house in the opposite direction ~ an odd smell that is like a whiff of ozone but could just be the undernote of some plant's blossom that I now find irriating. Assuming the source is natural. When it's not then I'm in trouble. Heavy duty cleaners in places like schools, hospitals and public swimming pools almost bring me to my knees. When my mouth feels as though I'm sucking on iron....it's never a good thing.

Artifical fragrances trigger headaches and my nose runs like a faucet was turned on full..the daughters have learned to not spritz till they leave the building and NEVER if they are being driven someplace by myself, because I HAVE forced them to open their windows all the way in the middle of the winter. The irony is that I burn several sticks of Japanese incense a day. It's simple enough to conclude that naturally occuring ingredients/scents are better for us than the chemical soup we insist on swimming in and the growing number of people with scent sensitivities is a reflection of that fact.

I have to chuckle a bit when I consider that I rank the smell of horse manure on a breeze across a pasture or in a barn as much more pleasing than most any perfume on the market ~ I can smell the hay in it which makes it very sweet compared to that of omnivores like pigs and chickens, with their confined lifestyles and highly concentrated grain and additive laden food sources. When most people wrinkle their noses I breath deep and smile.

It's no wonder that the Japanese find Westerners rancid. We eat like pigs.

Yesterday ~ as I winced at my eldest's sour garlic scent, I was interested in the fact that she could no longer smell her stinky rose reek, but she'd be able to do so for the first two days. I wondered if she's on the same track as myself. Will her sense of smell continue to improve as she ages?

Later in the day the other teen was complaining about the BURN of salt in her organic Bran Flakes. The cereal was already low in salt but it was still too much for her. I picked up two types of whole grain cereal for her that contained NO added sodium and she is finally satisfied. I have to mention that while I cook with small amounts of salt, there is never a salt shaker on my table.

....and for breakfast I have freshly steamed rice ~ plain, every morning. Yes I do like the flavour of rice as a matter of fact. So does my son.

Speaking of which, at the same time I was purchasing the cereal, I picked up some fresh salmon and told the Japanese fish monger that I wanted it with the skin on since my son loves the grey layer (of fat) between the skin and the flesh. She stared at me in surprise before exclaiming that he has a very good sense of taste ~ JUST like the Japanese. *0__0!!!

....sorry kids. Your genetics are showing.

June 9th, 2009

V-Minus 7 days

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Today started off with the usual run around for the groceries and a stop at the post office. Then it was off to the fabric store with the eldest to let her root around for fabric and notions as she's about to embark on her first sewing project. My father gave her his mother's old Elna sewing machine and she's quite pumped about it all. :)

Upon our return I removed the wooden *mold* from the concrete my father and I poured last week, and the step seems to be good :)

I also planted another row of carrots, re-planted some pumpkin & yellow zucchini seeds (and caged them in ) and ....put the final coat of light purple paint on the end walls.

Tomorrow, after kaffeklatch, I will remove the tape...see what bits need to be fixed and proceed with the long wall that will be dark purple. I see 6 layers of aubergine in my future... I will have to do this painting without tape at the ends since I don't trust myself not to screw up the yet *uncured* paint/

The weather has been changable & it's almost autumnlike around here with the temperature barely making it to 18C during the day, if at all. When I say *changeable*, I mean that the yo-yo-ing of the atmospheric pressure, as the weather systems swan through the area alternating overcast and drizzly with sunshine and wind. It's been playing havoc with my grey-matter and I can't recall the last time I've suffered sick-headaches. Head aches yes. Head aches that go on for days sure. But waves of cold and nausea are really annoying the piss out of me.

I hope this isn't another little change in life. I've only ever had one migraine and don't want to EVER repeat it!

I sure hope it calms down for tomorrow. I'm face painting at my son's school, Fun Fair for a couple of hours in the evening and while I know I'm in for a long time in that chair...I know full well it CAN feel longer *erk*

Okay...it's Tuesday night and time for myself,the eldest and her friends to settle down for an hour of complete silly fluff, a.k.a.: a new episode of Canada's Nest Top Model. >D

June 6th, 2009

Blue boy 1

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Yesterday I brushed another coat of white paint on the walls of the little room and had to stop due to a hand cramp. I suppose this wouldn't be such a problem if I wasn't one of those freaks that doesn't like to use a roller because it misses too many spots on these old wonky, rough walls. Today I think I'll be able to add colour to one wall but need to give three others another coat of white.

F**K! ~ I am really peeved that animals are eating my pumpkin seedlings and/or seeds. They have chewed up all the seeds and/or seedlings of the fairytale pumpkin sprouts twice, so today I'm replanting, but putting cages (strawberry baskets) on them so they can't easily dig them up or gnaw on them....or so the theory goes.

I also have chives and rhubarb that my mother brought me the other day, to plant. Before I moved here 12 years ago, I dug out pieces of plants from my old garden and given them to her to plunk into hers so that one day I could get a piece back. Today the offspring of my old plants go in...and it's funny.

All I asked for was a rhubarb plant ~ and she arrived with POUNDS of rhubarb to. The irony is that the locally grown food co-op started up this week and I had an order in for...you guessed it...rhubarb.

I am cleaning, chopping and freezing scads of it today.

I also started another thing on THE LIST...that being, giving my Resinsoul Blue boys face-ups. I finished Turq this morning :)

Having wired his body I am really happy with his ability to hold limited poses and stand like a rock. Sora and Mizu are DEFINATELY getting wired!! I think I might do that for SU too now that I think of it.

ANYway...I hope to get Turqs' little brother Lapis done today.

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June 3rd, 2009

Did someone mention purple?

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This flowering onion is one of several bulbs I planned last autumn and totally forgot what they were 'til the buds were about to pop. At some point I'd ruled out tulips due to the leaf shape, but exactly what remained a mystery until I happened to notice an earlier blooming clump in a neighbours garden.

ANYway I was messing around with both a white and black background against which to shoot them and each having unique strengths.

In RL I've taped the ridiculous amount of woodwork for that small room and have now applied the first coat of primer. I've forced the teens to make an colour choice and will be picking it up when I go back to the hardware store for more primer. It would appear that this blotchy old drywall is a real colour-sucker-upper. I might have to do a full three coats of primer before I'm happy with the results...and then start on the various shades of purple I'll be applying.

Speaking of purple....

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June 1st, 2009

Ribbon grass planted. Check.

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Feel good about today ~ another few things ticked off the list, including taking the discarded contents of the china cupboard to the charity store AND more importantly ....weeded the side yard (only about a metre wide and length of the house)....then digging up some ribbon grass clumps from a neighbours' yard and transplanting them.

Hopefully they'll take hold and prosper in this neglected area, so my neighbours will have lovely clumps of ornamental grass to enjoy and not worry about stepping on when they get out of their cars, as this ugly strip is alongside their driveway.

The Rose of Sharons I started from seeds years ago are doing just fine (had to cut them down to size again..meaning keeping them at 6')...but the ground underneath has been problematic and I always feel sorry for the eyesore that doesn't like to grow grass. This hardy ground cover should be prolific in the poor soil and put up with much abuse...heaven knows I haven't been able to kill it in the backyard in spite of my abuse of it.

Not that I've tried to kill it...I LIKE it a lot. It's MY kind of perennial...hardy as heck. I just ignore it except for a good spring raking to get rid of the dead leaves.

IN FACT it's the reason my neighbour across the way asked me to take AS MUCH AS I WANTED because she finds it maddeningly invasive and rues the day she stuck it in the ground.


20 clumps heeled in ~ go crazy boys!!
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